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Preamble 2L Multimedia has developed an online dating service. The service is neither a consultancy nor a dating agency, and does not organise encounters between its members. The service is exclusively reserved to members registered on the platform in compliance with the present rules.

Prerequisites The members confirm having received all necessary documentation on the proposed services from 2L Multimedia and comply without reservation to the present service terms and conditions. The members recognise that the use of the platform requires compliance with all the provisions defined in the present contract.

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The members can benefit from the services proposed on the platform subject to compliance with the following prerequisites: Be of legal age on the date of registration; Have the legal capability to commit to the present terms and conditions; Have the appropriate computer equipment to access the platform; Have a valid e-mail address.

Definitions The terms below will have the following meaning among the parties: It consists of the back office and the database of members and subscribers. Objective The objective of the present document is to define the conditions of use of the services proposed by 2L Multimedia.

Contractual documents The mandatory contractual documents for members are: The present service terms and conditions; The data-processing and liberties rules of service; The ethical charter of the service. In case of contradiction between documents of different nature or rank, it is explicitly agreed between the parties that the provisions of higher rank contained in the document shall prevail for obligations in a conflict of interpretation.

In case of contradiction between terms of documents of the same rank, the latest documents shall prevail on site de rencontre gratuit femme forte others. Rank criteria will be applied according to the following principles: Obligation by obligation; Or failing that, paragraph by paragraph; Or failing that article by article.

Opposability The present terms and conditions are opposable as soon as they are accepted by the member when subscribing to the service. It shall do its utmost to inform members of the existence and date of application of new terms and conditions. Any use of the service by the member within 30 days after a modification of the terms and conditions confirms the latter accepts those new terms and conditions. The member may end using the service but remains responsible for any anterior use.

Members can access archived terms of use upon request by e-mail at: Registration to the Service 7.

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To open an account and become a member, the site de rencontre gratuit femme forte must previously register site de rencontre gratuit femme forte the online form on the platform. Two registration procedures are available: Registration via facebook connect; Registration via online form. With the facebook connect application the fields to be completed will be automatically filled with the information taken from site de rencontre gratuit femme forte user facebook account, under his sole responsibility.

C'est ta première fois ?

No information on the registration site de rencontre gratuit femme forte the service will be displayed on the facebook account of the user. Step 1: Some requested information builds the user profile and can be accessed by other members of the service: Step 2: Members wishing to use it must therefore have a connection to mobile internet.

This application enables subscription to the service from a mobile phone for example.

site de rencontre gratuit femme forte

It also enables subscription to paying functions. The services subscribed from a mobile application in integrated purchase are subject to the present terms and conditions, as well as the terms and conditions of the purchase platform for mobile applications to obtain the application, the invoicing conditions, the payment and renewal terms of the service s.

It also means that an account must be created on that platform to enable the application download. Finally, the user is offered the exclusive power to multiply his chances of finding love through the orientation on other sites if already registered or wants more contact.

If the terms and conditions are not complied with, the member is informed by email of the meilleur pays pour rencontrer des filles of the profile and is proposed to modify it.

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If the member does not modify the profile in comformity with the terms and conditions 2L Multimedia reserves the right to definitively refuse it. Acceptance of the profile does not validate its content, nor does it mean 2L Multimedia recognises its sites de rencontres africains gratuit. Financial terms 8.

The free access does not enable the use of all the functions of the platform or to meet other members. Women wishing to be placed in contact with a man will specially receive free and complete access to the service, with the exception of additional services which remain payable. In all cases where access is free, either partial or total, 2L Multimedia reserves the right to modify it both for conditions of access and financial site de rencontre gratuit femme forte of the service.

Except in the above cases, access to the service is payable.

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The member subscribes to the service for the selected duration by the member, at the online price at the time of subscription and according to the payment methods proposed by 2L Multimedia and selected by the member.

The access Club trial allows to maintain site de rencontre gratuit femme forte active profile to visit the index forms of the other members, and to use in a unlimited way the features of searches for the service of meeting. Access to the Service is immediate if payment is made by bank card. A processing period is required if payment is made by cheque or bank transfer. The proposed financial terms are exceptional and cannot be grounds for any complaint by the other members.

Subscriptions are automatically extended at the end of the subscription period chosen by the member, under the same conditions and at the same price. The extension can be cancelled according to the conditions of the article 'termination' of the present terms and conditions.

Terms of Service

AppStore Create your profile in just a few seconds, the download and registration site de rencontre gratuit femme forte free. The rencontre gratuit 23 process for one of the additional payable services is done in two confirming steps: You will find the details of our subscriptions plan and pricing by following this link 8.

Right to withdraw In accordance with Article L. To retract, the Member will send the withdrawal form site de rencontre gratuit femme forte here, by email to customer easypayweb.

Obligations of 2L Multimedia It enables members to use the available communication tools under the best possible conditions.

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Because of the nature and complexity of the internet network, and its technical performance and response times for consultation, viewing or transfer of data in particular, 2L Multimedia makes the best effort according to the rulebook to enable the access to and the use of the service. It shall use appropriate means to maintain the service in optimal operational conditions.

site de rencontre gratuit femme forte

It checks at the registration of the member that the terms and conditions are met, but does not check the truthfulness of information supplied or their validity and does not monitor the later changes to the profile carried out by the member concerned. Considering the exponential nature of technological developments, 2L Multimedia cannot guarantee absolute security of the platform site de rencontre gratuit femme forte the absence of defects.

Member obligations To enable reliable exchanges between members, each of them shall supply correct data, in compliance with laws and regulations and regularly update them. The member shall not share a member account with other persons or grant access to the account to a minor.

The photographs placed online by the member must particularly: Represent the member; Not only represent unrelated elements landscape, animals, etc.

Rencontre femmes à Ronde

The member is not authorised to indicate phone, address or electronic details on his profile. The member's behaviour during the use of the service should comply with the rules of good conduct.

site de rencontre gratuit femme forte

The member shall notify any manifest illicit content, conform with the procedure under article 'notification of illicit content' of the present contract. The member also can report to 2L Multimedia the profile of a member not respecting the present terms and conditions through the link 'abuse' present on the profile of all the registered members.

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The site de rencontre gratuit femme forte shall not behave in an illegal or fraud-inducing way towards site de rencontre gratuit femme forte Multimedia, other members or third parties. Site de rencontre gratuit femme forte behaviour not respecting the rules of agence de rencontre est conduct above or those in the ethical charter of the service may be penalised under the conditions of the article 'termination' of the present contract.

Upon discovery of such method, or if the member enters a placeholder, without right, inadvertently, the member agrees to promptly inform 2L Multimedia to the following address customer easypayweb. The member is not authorised to remove or modify data on the platform or to fraudulently enter data or carry out an alteration on the operation of the platform. Any access to an unauthorised space shall be considered fraudulous access as provided by the criminal code.

The member shall in particular not carry out any operation to saturate a page, rebound operations or any operation which could result in disturbing or distorting the operation of the platform.

Technical support 2L Multimedia provides a customer service to its members which can supply all necessary information on the use of the platform and the services. The use of a mobile application for the use of the service requires that the member previously has a compatible electronic communication device and mobile internet connection.

Before purchasing the mobile application, the member should refer to the conditions of use of the download platform of the application to learn about the necessary configuration.

« Un site de rencontre destiné aux femmes rondes et ses admirateurs! »

Intellectual property The website, brands, drawings, models, images, texts, photos, logos, graphic charts, software and programmes, search engines, databases, sounds, videos, domain names, design or any other information or media presented by 2L Multimedia, without this list being exhaustive, are the exclusive property of 2L Multimedia and are protected by their copyrights, brands, patents and any other intellectual or industrial property rights they hold in accordance with valid laws.

Consequently, the member shall refrain from any act or action which could site de rencontre gratuit femme forte directly or indirectly the intellectual property rights of 2L Multimedia. The member may never use, print or re-format the content of the platform or websites for purposes other than private or familial. The member recognises that the information and the databases accessible site de rencontre gratuit femme forte the platform are the property of 2L Multimedia.

The member shall respect the integral rights of third parties whose content is present on the site de rencontre gratuit femme forte and shall not create any analogies in the mind of the public for any purpose.

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